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Dr.Krishnam Raju is an alternative therapist and first time he discovered the ancient therapy and became the first Doctor who introduced the name 'Nadipathy' to the world.

Shri Raju is a product of ancient therapies with a name called Nadipathy. He is the recipient of many awards namely Ekaveera, DIY, Uttama Seva Puraskaram, Acu Ratna …, etc

Academic Excellence

He is a well qualified with

M.P.Ed., N.I.S, P.G.Diploma in Yoga, B.A(Acu),M.A (Acu), B.N.Y.S, B.A.S.M, A.D. Su Jok, PhD (Nadipathy), D.Sc...

Acupuncture from Beijing.

SuJok from South Korea and many other practices he learned.

A treatment with 0% Drugs - 0% side effects - 100% safety.

Treating more than …….. And creating Records in Alternative Medicine.

Environmental Friendly treatment.

Nadipathy System

Nadipathy is an Ancient Indian system with traditional therapies that prevents and cures from simple ailments to chronic ailments without any medical procedures or interventions on the patient. In other words there is no intervention of prescribing any medicines.

This traditional system is dated back to 60k years and has been rediscovered by Dr.Raju from India.Dr.Raju’s involvement in treating and finding the ailment is very traditional and unique.

Nadipathy Diagnose

By mere pulse check, Dr.Raju can reveal the past, present and future ailments of the patient. He can find the cause of the ailment, and will start curing the root cause by Nadipathy Ancient Treatment on the subtle body.

Nadipathy’s Unique Diagnose

As stated Nadipahy’s diagnose is a wonderful system in finding the root cause of the problem by examining the patient with different techniques. The prime examinations are Pulse (Nadi pariksha) checking, Tooth, Tongue, Eyes, Face, Nails, sitting style, walking styles and other techniques.

Here the patient need not to reveal any of his ailment details to us however Doctor reveals by simple examining the Pulse(Nadi pariksha) provided for the best results the patient   can come with an empty stomach to meet the Doctor.

Finding Root cause

Nadi pariksha reveals the entire ailment conditions like an advanced MRI scan as it states the future sickness/ailments too. As part of the diagnose we find other diagnose techniques that would help in details to go ahead with the treatment procedures. The beauty of the treatment is Nadipathy can STOP the future diseases.



Human existence came 60,000 years back and in those days no one bothered about the Physical body. By 40 thousand years B.C. Indian sages found two types of bodies with their Meditative powers and they found 2 types of Energy.

Cosmic Energy and Pranic Energy.

Indian sages’ initial finding on the energy levels has created elaborated picture to know the health issues of the Human beings

Therefore the Cosmic Energy which is important for the Earth and Human existence. Now we all can get Pranic energy through our physical body by eating food, Exercise, sharing our happiness and started living together for a better life.

Thus Pranic energy on the physical body reveals sickness which we can see by mere checking of the patient body or other tests like X-Rays, Scanning, Blood test or any other related tests.

Nadipathy derived from ancient word Nadi which means nerve or tiny blood tubes of the Physical Body. The energy flows on these Nadi and gives strength to the Physical body to maintain a perfect health.

Evolution of Nadipathy

Ancient sages invented the 272k Nadis in the subtle body which is related to the 07 Nadis junctions (chakras) and their centre’s are connected with our palms and soles, if they work well we will be with better health and if they did not work well we will become ill and at that time we have to stimulate Nadis to become well.

Pathy is the person who knows the knowledge of Nadis, treats Nadis is called Nadipathy.

The first and foremost treatment without using any medicine is none other than Nadipathy.

After some years Ayurveda had come and charka the sage has found treating the Physical body by using Ayurvedic medicines and also surgeries by him.

There were different theories derived from different countries, notably from Chines, Meridian, Egyptians, Mesopotamians and many others.

Here are the details

Different countries inherited this Nadipathy system unknowingly and developed in their own style with little changes .Chinese recognized the importance of the subtle body and they explained that 14 energy channels are flowing in the human body and if any of those stocked with blocks then it appears as disease on the body. They called it as Meridian system. Besides using the Acupressure and Acupuncture they discovered some more therapies.

Egyptians discovered energy flows in the form of Pyramid angle and even in all forms in a nature as well. The great Pyramid of Giza near the equator is a GOD sign for Pyramid Energy. Our Ancient temple structures, Grain storages, the thatched houses, Paddy pools are in the Pyramid shape because of this reason. Egyptians used Pyramids to store dead bodies!! The importance had given prominence to Pyramids.

Mesopotamians said that energy flows in our body in Zone wise. From Hand fingers to Foot fingers they discovered some therapies after doing research in those zones. Besides these different countries recognizes the energy as Spider Energy, Diamond Energy and designed some therapies basing on them. All these systems are of before 8000 B.C. and without medicine. 


All these systems have a basis of Ancient Indian Nadi system and we can call Nadipathy- The father of all these systems.


Nature Vs Human beings

Nadipathy strictly believes and preach that 5 elements are important in treating the cosmic body that cures physical body. As we know that Fire, Earth. Air, Water and Wood (Sky) are the basis for the Nature and Ancient Indian Sages Names as Panchabhoothas.

Physical Body or Human Body also has the same 5 elements called Panchabhoothas.

Imbalance on any of these elements occurs sickness on the Physical Body.

Balancing these elements create complete Health.

At this stage Nadipathy treatment treats Subtle body that cures Physical body and vice versa.

Toxin poolup

Another important factor of the sickness is toxins pool up.

In our body toxins are being flourished out in different ways like Sneezing, cold& cough, Fevers, Swating, vomit, Urine, loose bowels. Natures mechanism is in such a way that it doesn’t allow to stay toxins or foreign particles in the body but  immediately flush it out, if not it will flow underneath skin  and causes effect on Physical body’s energy flow.


Causes of Illness


Illness spreads in 2 ways, gradual spreading and Speedy spreading

Gradual spreading

When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to any

Sudden incident or due to foo d habits or due to changes in the nature. If any one of the Nadi not

Working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) .decreases its energy .That reflects gradually on the physical body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.

Speedy Spreading

When we met with an accident the Nadis connected to that particular part will be affected

 And leads to illness. In the modern therapies they will treat the cuts and wounds but not the

Nadi connected to that part or they did not tell about the side affects.

Nature has five elements. Human body also has 5 elements. The 5 elements in nature are

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky will be in balance. So also in human body those 5 elements should maintain balance. When these 5 elements are imbalance body becomes ill. By maintaining balance in the Nadi system through adjusting Nadis health can be regained.

Nadipathy and Subtle body



Energy is 2 types Bio-Energy and Cosmic energy. We get Bio Energy through food, and Cosmic Energy through 5 elements .The Body needs these 2 types of energies.

The body remains- with life for some days even if we do not take food but he will be difficult to live. We do not have  Cosmic Energy.

Ancient Sages examined Subtle body, Nadi system, 5 elements and decided through

Nadi testing and health will be gained through adjusting the Nadis.

Nadis are the masters that rule the body, readjusting the body is the therapy so it is called



Nadipathy Detoxification

Before evolution of Ayurveda, Ancient sages had prescribed and branded on the abdomen to prevent and cure the related sickness. Similarly body Tattoos were came into picture. This also had driven good results in preventing chronic ailments.

Apropos to this the main function of Nadipathy is detoxify the body by utilizing the Ancient Indian therapies. This traditional approach really yielding excellent results in this new era. At this point Nadipathy observed and found that after this treatment the body’s functionality is being improvised especially for chronic ailments like Kidney issues, Cancers, Liver issues, skin diseases and others.

These detoxification methods are very much helpful for those patients where the body doesn’t respond even after using the medications.


Treatment steps.

  • After finding the root cause of disease and the patient condition the treatment would begin with any of the Nadipathy therapies.

Patient reports vs. latest reports.

Our Treatment Transparency is we at Nadipathy records patients his/her health in video format. Similarly during the treatment also recorded with pictures, videos to know the see health improvement, after finally the duration is completed again a final video recording be shot to see the the smile on the face of the patient.

Health development Reports :

The patient can go anywhere to get the health check up like blood test, scanning, X-Rays and so on  during the treatment devised by Dr.Krishnamraju only.

  • Day time Treatment

Nadipathy treatment starts only after the Sun rises –Strictly day time only, we don’t do after sunset .The power of Sunrays couples with this treatment yield commendable results.



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